Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Truth for Day Eighteen

Gay marriage.

My thoughts on this topic can be summed up by "Yes." There are many ways to form families, and if people want to get married--go for it. Consenting adults are consenting adults.

Just as I don't feel it's appropriate for society at large to tell me that I don't deserve to have my original birth certificate, I don't feel it's appropriate to tell people they cannot marry, based on their sexual orientation.

I do live in the San Francisco Bay Area, drink lattes, and read The New York Times.

I remember a time when I did not, and when I had some serious homophobia to battle within myself. I am thankful for the patience and guidance of my friends, gay and otherwise, in my steps along that hard route.


Amanda Woolston said...

I agree!

Von said...

Hey I'm coming out of the closet now with a something good about my adopters!My parents raised me in what I suppose you'd call a 'liberal' household, they believed each of their many friends should to be honoured, sexual orientation was recognised but in the same way their hair colour or genealogy was.I raised my daughter the same way, to treasure and appreciated people for special individualness.
Glad you didn't mention surrogacy as my views on the rights of children and babies take precedence every time.

Trish said...