Thursday, March 15, 2007


I can't believe that two months have passed. So much has happened that's good. I'll save the less happy things for my next entry.

I was accepted into the Entry-Level Master of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner track at Samuel Merritt College in Oakland. I couldn't be happier! I won't have a long commute into the city, and I'll get to go straight through to the FNP. It will be challenging, but I'm so ready to work hard. And I'm going to help a dear friend study for the NCLEX, which she plans to take this summer. I am excited to learn along with her.

My husband and I made an offer on a house in Alameda that has been accepted, so if all goes well, we'll be homeowners in a month. I will be sad to leave and sell our loft, but it's absolutely time to move. Our boys need more space (as do we), and our new home is simply perfect for us.

My three-year-old son started preschool in February and couldn't be happier. He is blooming in the social environment, and I'm glad for him and for the chance to spend time alone with the younger one.

I'm leaving tonight to go spend a long weekend my best friend from graduate school, Thomenon, who lives in Salt Lake City. I will get to sleep uninterrupted in his apartment for THREE whole nights, and we can shop, check out guys, and generally have a blast together. I am desperately in need of this mini-vacation.

Friday, January 19, 2007


January is half over. My husband's mother died, and he's been in Germany for over a week. The kids and I miss him, but I've been lucky to have my parents around to help out with the kids.

I had my first Spanish class on Wednesday; I am excited to learn, but I know that it will be a very slow-paced class. I fear boredom. I can certainly push myself, but wonder if I have the energy.

I found out that I have to take Introductory Sociology after all, because it's required for the nursing boards (at least that's what a counselor at Samuel Merritt told me). I will have the first class in that next Monday. I was bummed to have to take it as I am otherwise finished with prerequisites and just want to get on with my life.

I've been visiting preschools for a couple of weeks because we want my elder son to start soon, now that he's three years old. There is such a range of philosophies and types of classroom. I know what I like and what I think he'd love and thrive with (Montessori), so it's all about finding the best fit for him and our budget.

I've taken on way, way to much of late, and I thank Greensunflower and SuperEm for gently pointing out that I have to cut back before I start nursing school. I guess I'm just exhausted by having to deal with people I don't understand and who don't listen or think. I've realized it's very bad for my blood pressure to have to deal with such people, and I can't avoid them. I need to find a much better coping mechanism.

Thanks also to my great friend SL for feeding my bad celebrity habits. I have a new, fabulous, weekly reason to procrastinate.