Friday, April 16, 2010


My beloved lurcher has now died. Sigh. Cancer. One does not think in adopting a puppy that cancer is in the cards, but there you have it.

My dear husband has agreed to consider adopting Percy's littermate. We will visit him at the adoption center this weekend and see if he's a fit for our family. Best quote from my husband, "Well, even if Finn has cancer, like Percy, he still needs a home." That's a good man.

I am excited to be visiting my sister-in-law and nephew this coming weekend. I am loving reunion with my brother and his immediate family. I am sad, though, that my firstmother still suffers so much from what happened. I don't hold out much hope that she'll come around, but one never knows.

I am also thrilled to have wonderful support from my adoptee community and from my aparents and afamily. I feel that I've grown so much in the past two years that I'd be almost unrecognizable to my 38-year-old self. Which is good.