Monday, January 04, 2010

Long Hiatus

I have let my blog lie fallow for two and a half years, and so much has happened. Too much to discuss in detail now, but enough to strike me that it's time to revive my narrative.

I am no longer thirtysomething, and the fog that was in my head really was a "fog" known to insiders as the adoption fog, from which I have emerged (am emerging), albeit painfully. I have met a brilliant, kind half-brother I didn't even know I had; my Prozac-laden dog died; I now have a glorious lurcher (half Greyhound-half Deerhound) named Percy to add zip to my life. I am an RN in Labor and Delivery, and got a second Bachelor's degree. Most of these things would have shocked the me in 2007, when I last wrote. Just as I sit here now and can hardly believe that the son who could barely talk at 3 years old is now a chatterbox brainiac in Kindergarten, and that my baby is now 4 years old. Wow.

I have been inspired by my fellow adoptees to think and write and process things as they come. So here I am, again.

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