Friday, January 19, 2007


January is half over. My husband's mother died, and he's been in Germany for over a week. The kids and I miss him, but I've been lucky to have my parents around to help out with the kids.

I had my first Spanish class on Wednesday; I am excited to learn, but I know that it will be a very slow-paced class. I fear boredom. I can certainly push myself, but wonder if I have the energy.

I found out that I have to take Introductory Sociology after all, because it's required for the nursing boards (at least that's what a counselor at Samuel Merritt told me). I will have the first class in that next Monday. I was bummed to have to take it as I am otherwise finished with prerequisites and just want to get on with my life.

I've been visiting preschools for a couple of weeks because we want my elder son to start soon, now that he's three years old. There is such a range of philosophies and types of classroom. I know what I like and what I think he'd love and thrive with (Montessori), so it's all about finding the best fit for him and our budget.

I've taken on way, way to much of late, and I thank Greensunflower and SuperEm for gently pointing out that I have to cut back before I start nursing school. I guess I'm just exhausted by having to deal with people I don't understand and who don't listen or think. I've realized it's very bad for my blood pressure to have to deal with such people, and I can't avoid them. I need to find a much better coping mechanism.

Thanks also to my great friend SL for feeding my bad celebrity habits. I have a new, fabulous, weekly reason to procrastinate.

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